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Verdicts & Settlements

Largest Cases:

$21,000,000 Trial Counsel for Class Action on Medical Device Malfunction on Cardiac Patients (National)

$16,000,000 Trial Counsel for Class Action on Train Derailment and Evacuation of 30,000 residents - Settlement (Ohio)

$4,000,000 Trial Counsel for Defense in Paraplegic Injury Case in Trucking Accident

$2,400,000 Settlement in Malpractice Anesthesia Case on 17-Year-Old Boy with Significant Brain Injury

$1,800,000 Settlement on Breach of Contract Case for National Corporation's Failure to Purchase Products Over a Five-Year Period

$1,400,000 Verdict Against University of Kentucky in the Wrongful Death of a Student/Visitor

Settlement for Two Young Women in Seatbelt Failure Case

$750,000 Settlement in Premises Liability for Slip and Fall with Police Officer with Severe Injuries

$650,000 Arbitration Verdict for Girl Injured in Boating Accident With Head Injury

$525,000 Auto Accident Case with Louisville Police Officer; Loss of Consortium to Young Girl and Injury to Passenger

$425,000 Settlement on Auto Accident Case in Lexington Causing Disfigurement Scar and Blurred Vision

$400,000 Breach of Contract Case Involving National Hardware Chain and the Failure of its Franchise to Pay Monies Over a Period of Time

$300,000 Settlement on Birth Injury Case at Fort Knox Hospital

$300,000 Electrocution Case Verdict/Settlement with a Louisville Hospital

$200,000 Settlement on Work Injury on Unguarded Drill Press Causing Injury to Arm (Ohio)

Settlement of Wrongful Death in Malpractice Case in Albany, Kentucky

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