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Louisville Medical Malpractice Defense Lawyer

Kentucky Physician Defense Attorney

Doctors and medical professionals who are sued for malpractice tend to rely on their insurance provider for defense. However, there are situations that make securing independent counsel an important step. If you are being sued for an amount in excess of your malpractice policy limits, the defense services provided by the office of Joseph C. Souza, member of the law firm of Ackerson & Yann, PLLC, may prove to be invaluable. With more than 35 years of experience on our side, we will take great care to protect you from an excess verdict and the damage it could cause.

Defense for All Medical Professionals

Much of our work is done for medical professionals involved in less risky areas of practice. While neurosurgeons may carry very high malpractice policies, a radiologist or interest may not, simply because a radiologist or interest is rarely sued for malpractice. However, if that lawsuit comes, and it involves damages for more than the insurance policy limit, we can help.

We Work With Your Insurance Carrier

The reality is that the lawyers working for insurance carriers do a good job. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Joseph C. Souza has seen firsthand just how good these lawyers are. However, their job is to protect the insurance company's assets. When your own assets are on the line because the magnitude of damages involved in a case may exceed your policy limits, your insurance company may tell you to consider hiring independent counsel.

We will work with your insurance carrier to ensure that it provides the highest level of defense representation, the level it typically provides. Our goal is to see that there is no excess verdict. We want to protect you and your assets by making sure that the case is settled within policy limits so that your personal assets are not at stake.

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