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Louisville Emergency Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Kentucky Police Car Accident Attorney

In an ordinary car accident, fighting the negligent driver's insurance company to get compensation is difficult enough. If the negligent driver was behind the wheel of an emergency vehicle, whether on-duty or off, getting fair compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs becomes even more challenging.

At the office of Joseph C. Souza, member of the law firm of Ackerson & Yann, PLLC, we know how to work through the challenges that come with handling car accidents caused by emergency vehicles. With more than 35 years of experience on our side, we can handle cases involving:

  • Police car and other police vehicle accidents
  • Fire truck accidents
  • Ambulance accidents

We also represent victims of accidents caused by non-emergency municipal vehicles.

Who Was Responsible for the Accident?

When handling an emergency vehicle accident, we must determine who was responsible and find out how that person acted negligently. This means understanding the protocols involved with driving an emergency vehicle. For example, police officers are trained to ensure the safety of the vehicles they share the road with, even in the event of a high-speed chase. There are protocols that need to be followed. We have found that, in many cases, these protocols have been ignored. This is a clear sign of negligence.

Who Can Be Sued for the Accident?

The biggest challenge presented in emergency vehicle accident cases is the issue of sovereign immunity. Governments may be immune to lawsuits of this nature. If they are immune, if they cannot be sued, what can be done? Plenty.

This is where it becomes critical to enlist a lawyer who has the experience to find all opportunities for compensation. Attorney Joseph C. Souza has handled these cases before, even setting case law in the process. You can be confident with that experience on your side.

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We handle all cases on a contingency basis. You do not have to pay anything unless we win your case. The Kentucky Bar Association rules require us to state that court costs and fees are the responsibility of the client. Call 877-745-0315 or send us an e-mail to discuss your case with a Louisville emergency vehicle accident attorney.

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