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Noteworthy Cases

Several years ago, two young men at the University of Kentucky were engaged in some typical college horseplay. When both of them pushed up against a window in the high-rise dorms, the second floor window broke and both men, aged 19 and 21, fell to their death. We took many depositions and were able to document that UK's maintenance logs revealed 600 broken windows over a 20 year period. The University was aware of the fragile nature of these windows and their propensity to break when hundreds of prior incidents had occurred.

As a result of the lawsuit, UK installed safety bars in all of the high-rise dormitory windows at the Kirwan-Blanding Complex. This case was particularly significant to me because I sent my youngest sister to UK in the 1970s and also my only daughter, who graduated in 2010. Each time I visited her, I was reminded that all of the University of Kentucky students are much safer now. No other incidents have occurred since.

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